What Parents Say:

  • “In a world where children fall through the cracks in the system each day, we know how lucky we are to have found Halifax Academy. It is here that our child is allowed to grow, achieve and reach his goals.”
         - Halifax Academy parent of 4 years
  • “This school has made a profound difference in the quality, not only in (our son’s) education, but of my entire family’s lives.”
         - Halifax Academy parent of 6 years
  • “Our son’s self-esteem has never been better.  He loves Halifax Academy.”
         - Halifax Academy parent of 3 years
  • “This school and all of the teachers, coaches, and administrators are truly an answer to my prayers!”
         - Halifax Academy parent of 1 year
  • “Their educational program and one-on-one instruction provides students with a strong educational foundation as well as a sense of empowerment to pursue their future goals.”

​     - Halifax Academy parent of 4 year


What Students Say:


  • “The teachers were so understanding and helpful with anything we needed help on. They made learning easier for me. This year was the first year I made straight A’s and B’s – my best accomplishment."
  • "I never thought I would have made it through high school and definitely not a year early… In public school I wasn’t doing anything good and couldn’t get ahead.  I was about to give up, then my mom found Halifax Academy.  Now I have almost straight A’s.  I will never forget when my mom cried at my first report card and how proud she was of me."
  • "The teachers here are like none other I have ever had.  They care what grades you get and what’s going on at home and are willing to help in any way.”
  • “Thank you Halifax Academy for giving me this chance.  If it weren’t for you I would still be miserable, making up excuses everyday not to go to school.”
  • “Here at Halifax Academy we’re more than just a small private school, we’re also a family.”
  • “I know that I wasn’t the greatest or the most diligent student but the teachers and staff never gave up on me and that means a lot. I’ve been at this school since the seventh grade. Halifax has become like a second home to me; it’s filled with people that actually care and know you.”
  • “I would like to thank Halifax Academy and its entire staff.  Whether it was giving me six months of work, or grading a whole books worth (which I can’t imagine would be easy), they still provided me individual attention.  The system in which they used was what I needed to be here today.  Without it, my life would not have the kick-start which it does.  I will miss you all.”